It’s devastating for many women who lose their hair to alopecia. It is like losing your identity and learning to love and accept yourself all over again. Our beauty and style events are here to help you find ways to feel comfortable and confident again—whether that means covering a bald patch, wearing a wig, donning a hat or scarf, or going au naturale.

We plan to resume beauty and style events in late 2023 or early 2024. Please join the email list to be notified. We can’t wait to meet you in person! And you are welcome no matter what phase of alopecia you’re in.

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Shop Alopecia Makeup and Products

Most makeup and beauty products aren’t made for women with alopecia areata. It takes first-hand knowledge and a special understanding of the condition to create products that will work for your unique needs. Bald Girls Do Lunch partners with BG Brows and a portion of every sale goes toward funding our mission.

“The organization is dynamic, current and very personalized to allow for every woman coping with the challenges of alopecia areata to find something relevant and helpful for their own personal situation and needs.”