No matter where you are or what resources you have available, you can make a difference for women with alopecia in your own community.

Educate Yourself

Did you know that bald or balding women are often asked if they have cancer or if they’re sick? People are well-meaning, but not enough people are educated about alopecia areata. Some doctors even lack the training on how to properly comfort women after diagnosis, and end up disregarding the profound impact it will have on women’s lives.

You can educate yourself, whether you are the one diagnosed or you know a woman with alopecia. Start here.

Spread the Word

You have influence, and you can use it to spread the word about alopecia areata and Bald Girls Do Lunch. From sharing messages on social media to making introductions and beyond, just a few minutes of your time can have a great impact.

Donate to Our Cause

There is still much more work to do for the millions of women with alopecia areata. Not only should they have the latest (and accurate) clinical information but they should have resources that help them feel more confident in their own skin as well as a community so they know they aren’t alone.

100% of your charitable donation will help stop women feeling ashamed and alone. Give your gift today.

Become a Sponsor

If your business would like to support our cause, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. We will work with you to support your business and philanthropic goals in a way that is easy and makes sense for everyone. We can also provide you with examples of our previous corporate partnerships, or we can be creative and start from scratch!

To start the discussion, please email our founder, Thea Chassin, at

Sign a Petition

You have a voice and you can use it to support this cause. We periodically send letters to appointed officials and pharmaceutical companies, and we would be honored to have your signature. We’re delighted to text you or email you when petitions and letters are needed.

Host or Plan an Event

Though we paused events during the pandemic, we brought them back in 2023! And we will continue to provide more online and in person opportunities to connect. It has always been our goal to go where women want and need us, and we need your help to make that happen.

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