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Alopecia Areata: The shame and embarrassment of this disease devastates the lives of too many women and girls when treatments do not work. Since 2007 Bald Girls Do Lunch has connected with over 3,000 to restore self-confidence and conquer isolation. With requests for meet-ups in every state and beyond the USA, Bald Girls is answering the plea for women to find others for community and support. From intimate groups to style workshops to restoring her looks, BGDL puts women on the track to normalcy and living well with this disease. Learn more...

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Got Alopecia near State College, PA?

April 12th, 2023 by Chassin

Meet people like you with AA! Meet a phenom professional volleyball player who’s a Bald Girl and alopecia ambassador!

April 15th in Philly, PA and April 21st at Penn State University, PA

We’re hosting a fantastic role model for children and adults with any form of alopecia. Deja can’t wait to meet you in Philadelphia and State College, PA! Bring friends and family to talk with Deja, too!

Bald Deja McClendon smiling.
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Giving Tuesday Match Extended! Donations have 2X impact until December 5!

December 1st, 2022 by admin
Help a woman with alopecia feel her beautiful, authentic self. Donate today for Giving Tuesday.

It’s September! Alopecia Areata Awareness Month

September 19th, 2022 by Chassin
Mario Cuomo Bridge lit blue for Alopecia Areata Awareness Month
Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, NY

Photo credit: Thea Chassin

The 2022 #LightitUpBlue4AlopeciaAreata campaign for Alopecia Areata Awareness features landmark illuminations in 47 states.

Illumination Schedule September 16-30, 2022

September 16-18: Legislative Hall: Delaware State Capitol – Dover, Delaware

September 16: Ashley River Memorial Bridge – Charleston, South Carolina

September 17: ARCH Historic 10th Street Bridge – Great Falls, Montana

September 18: JL Tower – Anchorage, Alaska

September 19: Fargo City Hall – Fargo,  North Dakota

September 19: Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge – Poughkeepsie, New York

September 19: RSA Trustmark Building – Mobile, Alabama

September 19: RSA Van Antwerp Building – Mobile, Alabama

September 19: RSA Battle House Tower – Mobile, Alabama

September 19: RSA Tower Building – Montgomery, Alabama

September 19: RSA Dexter Avenue Building – Mobile, Alabama

September 19: The Capital Wheel – National Harbor, Maryland

September 19: Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa and Convention Center – Montgomery, Alabama

September 20: Wells Fargo’s Duke Energy Center – Charlotte, North Carolina

September 20: Bakowski Bridge of Lights – Shreveport, Louisiana

September 21: The Wheel at Icon Park – Orlando, Florida

September 21: Pacifica Honolulu – Honolulu, Hawaii

September 22: Nasdaq Tower Times Square – New York, New York

September 22: Pawtucket River Bridge – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

September 23-25: Concourse Office Park (King and Queen Buildings) – Atlanta, Georgia

September 23: France Avenue Lights – Edina, Minnesota

September 24: Bank of America Plaza – Dallas, Texas

September 24: Elk River Bridge – Charleston, West Virginia

September 25: Museum at Prairiefire – Overland Park, Kansas

September 25: Cleveland Terminal Tower – Cleveland, Ohio

September 26-28: Gilbert Water Tower – Gilbert, Arizona

September 26: City of Moreno Valley “M” – Moreno Valley, California

September 27-30: Blue Bridge – Grand Rapids, Michigan

September 27: Main Street Square Spires – Rapid City, South Dakota

September 28: River Lights in the Rock, Main Street Junction and Clinton Park Bridges – Little Rock, Arkansas

September 28: Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse – Evansville, Indiana

September 28: One Liberty Place – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 29: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge – Omaha, Nebraska

September 30: Kansas City Power and Light Building – Kansas City, Missouri

September 30: Bridge of Lights – Ocean City, New Jersey

September 30: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center – Virginia Beach, Virginia

View the entire list of monuments and landmarks HERE

Alopecia Areata Patient Survey: Work and Personal Life

July 3rd, 2022 by Chassin
  • Bald Girls Do Lunch conducted an online survey for adults identifying as female and having any type of alopecia areata.

  • 181 completed surveys were received from respondents in the United States and Canada.
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Alopecia Areata Patient Survey: Challenges Revealed

June 21st, 2022 by Chassin

Bald Girls Do Lunch conducted an online survey of self-selected adults identifying as female and having any type of alopecia areata.

Which of the following are feelings or challenges you have encountered at any time in living with alopecia areata? Check all that have ever applied to you.

Multi-color bar graph lists the feelings and challenges of women living with alopecia areata.

Bar Color%Answer
72.9Frustration that there are no treatments to help me
67.2Worrying that people are staring at me
65.0Worrying that people think I’m wearing a wig
64.4Wishing I was normal
64.4Fearing that my wig will come off or look fake in windy weather
63.3Wishing I was attractive as I used to be
62.1Feeling uncomfortable that people assume I am a cancer patient
52.5Afraid that my spouse or partner no longer finds me attractive
49.2Feeling like a freak
47.5Explaining that I am not going through chemotherapy
44.1Dealing with friends or family who think they know what treatments I should try
41.8Worrying that my hair will fall out again after regrowth
41.8Feeling ashamed
41.2Feeling that I will not attract a mate
40.7No longer doing activities I once enjoyed
23.6All other responses
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An Alopecia Story: Mother and Daughter Speak Out!

June 20th, 2022 by Chassin

A daring grade schooler and her mom reveal why they choose to address alopecia head-on within family, school and community. Their insights on squashing bullies and bedazzling a beautiful bald head inspire smiles.

FDA Approves Medication for Severe Alopecia Areata

June 17th, 2022 by Chassin
FDA Approves First Systemic Treatment for Alopecia Areata

Eli Lilly is the first pharmaceutical company to receive FDA approval for systemic treatment of severe, adult alopecia areata with JAK Inhibitor molecules. The medication, Olumiant (baricitinib), is taken orally once a day.

Two other pharmaceutical companies, Concert and Pfizer, are not far behind. Both will be seeking FDA approval for their treatments using JAKs at the conclusion of their clinical trials.

Concert’s trial is known as THRIVE AA-2.
Pfizer’s trial is known as ALLEGRO.

Thea Chassin on Inside Edition show

March 29th, 2022 by Chassin

The Inside Edition TV show on CBS with Thea Chassin & women with Alopecia Areata.

Tonight! March 30th

Inside Edition TV show
features women with alopecia

Check your local listings

7 pm eastern and pacific on CBS


The National Bald Out, September 16, 2022

December 26th, 2021 by Chassin

Save the Date

The National Bald Out®

September 16, 2022

In what city will you and your friends be heading out to celebrate over lunch?

Let us know by sending an email to events@BaldGirlsDoLunch.org.

The National Bald Out is your special day.

“If you ever wanted to go out bald with other women, The Bald Out is for you.”
~ Thea Chassin CEO and Founder, Bald Girls Do Lunch