You Have Options in Dealing With Alopecia

For women experiencing hair loss through alopecia, it can be both scary and isolating. And because a woman’s identity is so tied to her hair, it can also feel like an identity crisis.

We’ve heard things like:

  • “I feel angry, sad and self-conscious all the time.”
  • “Can people tell I’m wearing a wig?”
  • “It takes up a lot of time and energy to try to look ‘normal’ every day and that can get in the way of life.”
  • “I know this isn’t life threatening, but is so socially threatening.”
  • “Losing my hair was extremely traumatic. I didn’t want to leave my bedroom because I didn’t want anyone to see me.”
  • “Will I ever feel beautiful again?”
  • “People think I have cancer.”
  • “I don’t know anyone else with this condition.”
  • “I don’t know what to do.”

Let us tell you: You are not alone—and you have options in dealing with alopecia. We’re here to connect you no matter what phase of alopecia you’re in.

Bald Girls Do Lunch was created in 2007 as the first non-profit support organization devoting all its resources to the emotional and practical needs of women with alopecia areata. From in-person events to a blog full of tips and advice to providing you with information on treatments, we are here to make this experience easier for you.

You are encouraged to show up online or in person as yourself: full of confidence or full of doubts, with hair or without it, fully informed or full of questions. Our goal is to equip you and empower you with the information, resources and community you need to navigate your alopecia journey.

You will discover that you have choices and the freedom to choose what works for you. The only thing we don’t want you to choose is to take this journey alone.

The Challenge

Approximately 2% of people in the United States have alopecia areata, yet those who deal with this condition often feel isolated and alone. This is especially true for women who feel the essence of who they are is tied to their hair.

Our Purpose and Mission

Bald Girls Do Lunch’s goal is to end the shame and stigma of women’s hair loss from autoimmune alopecia areata. Our highest priority is ensuring that every woman with this condition gets the support she needs to restore self-confidence, learn and thrive.

Vision for the Future

Bald Girls Do Lunch aims to create a world where all women and girls with alopecia areata know they are not alone. We envision a time when all alopecia areata patients can look in the mirror and say the words, “I have alopecia,” without shame.

“It’s an absolute joy to help women with alopecia areata find others like them. At last, they get the chance to talk freely about things they’ve never discussed with anyone.”

Thea Chassin, Founder of Bald Girls Do Lunch