Your needs are our priority. You don’t have to deal with alopecia areata alone.

The psychosocial effects of hair loss can be devastating. One survey even found that that people compared hair loss to bereavement or loss of a limb. Every aspect of a person’s life is affected, and this is especially true for women who have told us repeatedly that they feel alone, ashamed and unappealing.

Bald Girls Do Lunch is here to meet your practical and emotional needs, and connect you to a larger community of women who understand the path you’re walking. Through in-person events, resources, sharing stories or advocating to the public, we are here to provide you with a community who will welcome you as you are and support you on this journey, no matter which phase of alopecia you’re in.

Meet-ups & Lunches

We aren’t called Bald Girls Do Lunch for nothing! Bringing women like you together to talk, listen and learn from each other has had remarkable physical and emotional results. It’s incredible to be in the same room with women who have been on this journey.

Beauty & Style

You want to feel beautiful but it can be hard to accept yourself again after losing your hair. From learning to cover up small bald spots to wearing scarves to apply makeup that stays put, our workshops, resources and advice will give you a new sense of self.

Advocacy & Awareness

If you’ve been diagnosed with alopecia areata, it is common to feel isolated, stressed, scared and without options. We work hard to advocate for you in all forms: with yourself, with the public and with legislators and pharmaceutical companies.

Share Stories

One of our most powerful tools is sharing the stories of other women with alopecia. Whether meeting in person or reading about someone’s experience online, it is incredibly comforting to know other women go through the same things you do.