You are at the heart of our mission, vision and work. And we want you to know that it’s time to stop hiding and start talking freely and openly about alopecia areata.

Our founder, Thea, was once where you are now. After her own diagnosis, she set out to educate herself through research and support groups. But what she couldn’t find was a community specifically for women who were diagnosed with alopecia areata—one that catered to women’s unique needs and wants. So, she created it with you in mind. From newly diagnosed to years of acceptance, you are welcome here at Bald Girls Do Lunch—no matter which phase of alopecia you are in. Come learn with us and laugh with us.

We get you because we are you. You are not alone.

Our Purpose and Mission

Bald Girls Do Lunch’s goal is to end the shame and stigma of women’s hair loss from autoimmune alopecia areata. Our highest priority is ensuring that every woman with this condition, no matter her phase of alopecia, gets the support she needs to restore self-confidence, learn and thrive.

Our Vision for the Future

Bald Girls Do Lunch aims to create a world where all women and girls with alopecia areata know they are not alone. We envision a time when all alopecia areata patients can look in the mirror and say the words, “I have alopecia,” without shame.