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Alopecia Areata: The shame and embarrassment of this disease devastates the lives of too many women and girls when treatments do not work. Since 2007 Bald Girls Do Lunch has connected with over 3,000 to restore self-confidence and conquer isolation. With requests for meet-ups in every state and beyond the USA, Bald Girls is answering the plea for women to find others for community and support. From intimate groups to style workshops to restoring her looks, BGDL puts women on the track to normalcy and living well with this disease. Learn more...

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This group finally made me feel like I’m not alone.

I’ve had alopecia areata for 43 years, and this is the first event I’ve ever attended. I just wish groups and support like this were around when I was growing up with this disease. …..  it was great to talk with other women about their experiences, as well as getting great tips on makeup and headwear from Thea, the founder of BGDL. I loved the relaxed setting of dinner and drinks, and the fact that Thea travels so you don’t have to go too far to attend an event.

Boston, MA


It was a lovely dinner together and it was helpful to hear from people in the same situation. I like that Thea has a hair or no hair day instead of getting stuck with one label.”

Danielle, California
Sebastopol, CA


Having Bald Girls Do Lunch and Thea come out to Missouri was like a dream come true. It made me feel so much more connected to other women who experience Alopecia. It made me feel better able to be in control of my own health and appearance, something that Alopecia often robs you of.

The feeling of connecting to someone who shares this unique bond with you is indescribable.

The first moment I saw Thea, tears welled up in my eyes because it felt so good to have someone there who fully understands what it’s like to be in my shoes. It is wonderful to have supportive friends and partners but the deep and instant connection you feel with these other women is something you can’t get anywhere else.

Adrienne, Missouri


Enjoyed lunch with everyone (in Chicago). Always informative. Great to share feelings and challenges. Thanks sooo much for doing this.

Mimi, Illinois

Bald Girls Do Lunch Events are super. It was truly a turning point in the way I view myself … So far this whole week I have gotten complements on how I carry myself. Makes me feel good, and my eyebrows are AMAZING!

AT, age 26

Attending the Bald Girls Do Lunch event in Raleigh, NC was a lovely experience. When you are living with alopecia, there is nothing more therapeutic than being surrounded by other women who understand the intricacies of the experience and the emotions that are involved.There was an instant bond, lots of laughter, information and inspiration. Thank you, Thea,for bringing us together over a meal and creating the opportunity for us to connect.”

Sandra Dubose-Gibson
2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina

BGDL Dinner in Newton, MA June 29th:

“It was such a pleasure meeting the group in Newton. I loved connecting with women with alopecia.Can’t believe I waited 21 years! My new endeavor is to figure out how to put on the eyelashes. Loved the products and scarves. Thank you for such a lovely evening.”

“I am so very, very glad I attended. For me, the evening was nothing short of amazing, and all of you beautiful women are an inspiration to me. Ooooh, let’s do it again!!”

“It was a really FUN event”

“My favorite part was walking through the lobby sans hair and watching the reaction we got from everyone! What a hoot! And so freeing!”

Happy customer: I still have the BGDL Sealer and used it all last week @ Disney and it worked so well :) 

ER, New York

I am VERY happy with my purchase. Your client service is incredible!

Nikki, Canada

It was a pleasure working with you and the girls.  I also wanted to tell you that I still use your eyebrow sealer! I love it.

Chelsea, make-up artist
Rhode Island

I’m so excited [to be on the contact list]. I’ve never been around anyone with the same thing I’m going through.

KT, 20-something
Riverside, CA

What women said … survey response:Q: What stands out as particularly positive for you?


  • Everyone’s positive attitude.
  • Talking with other women and sharing tips about wigs and brow makeup as well as our trials and tribulations with alopecia.
  • Making new friends!
  • I loved the event. Great venue and nice to meet entirely new people.


A customer of mine suggested that I contact you. She told me how you encouraged her and even mentioned that her husband said that she was “much easier to live with since she spoke with you.”RK, San Diego

 I am so pleased that there is a connection now. It is hard to describe … you’re “exporting” a lot of positive energy.M., The Netherlands

My daughter really enjoyed the luncheon (in Atlanta). Thanks!Mom in Memphis, TN

Thanks! I was so glad to finally meet others who can relate to some of the same experiences as myself.  I am so glad that you made it up to the Central Coast, and am looking forward to joining in other dinners/lunches in Southern California. Thanks for the great resources, and support!AS, California

It was wonderful to finally meet you! Thank you so much for what you do. I can’t tell you how important the lunch that was for me … looking forward to the next time.AF, Washington, DC

@Arlington lunch… thank you for putting the lunch together. It is *SO* refreshing to talk to other women with the same problems — that have gone through the same things. With alopecia there is a lot of suffering that is done in silence with us women. It’s good to know there’s a forum out there so we can get things off our chest and learn from others. Thank you again. I look forward to the next one 🙂A.K.A., Arlington,VA

@Arlington lunch… heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the online presence you guys have. The first time I discovered your site (and saw the name) I smiled until I thought my face would crack — up until then I hadn’t seen any groups or sites with such a positive outlook. So, thank you for all the work you do!Carly, who blogs about hair-loss beauty as EyelineHer
Cambridge, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed our time together on Sunday. Not only did I get some tips and encouragement, I learned something new about our condition. It appears to only affect truly lovely women. Meeting all of you meant more to me than I had imagined it would and I truly hope to see you again soon.NW, New York State

@ Milford, CT meet-upIt was such a pleasure. This was was my first time meeting women like me and I am so inspired by how wonderful, warm and courageous everyone was. I left feeling a renewed sense of acceptance and self worth. I am THRILLED with your eyebrow sealer and the discovery of eye gel!SP, Rhode Island

@Alicia’s Beauty Shop event, RIOne of my favorite parts of the day was actually hearing how and why you started BGDL. It just spoke to me deeply. I have gone to other meetings and felt out of place by being an adult and a mom. On Saturday I felt great just being me. I really had a nice time. The environment was very comfortable as well as the company. I’m looking forward to hooking up with some of the new friends I made too.”Laura H.
Norton, Massachusetts

@Alicia’s Beauty Shop event, RI Being prepared is crucial for living with this condition and your organization fills that void beautifully. It’s a highly unpredictable condition. I have had very wise counsel and encouragement.Grateful in Virginia

Thank you for inviting me to the BGDL Rochester dinner; it was cool to get to meet people who live near me and I really enjoyed it. I liked the brochure “Questions and Answers about Alopecia Areata” — I wish they had given me one when they told me I had alopecia!Lauren, age 17, Penfield, NY

… thanks so much for organizing our get-together Wednesday (in Norwalk). I am amazed at your ability to recall detail, and appreciate your devotion to your cause. Rock on!!!Anna Mae, Connecticut

My symptom is hypotrichosis congenita so that I have few hair. I do not wear wig and live daily life as I am. I was really moved by this video you posted, “True Beauty.” Thank you for organizing such a wonderful website. Please remember that your website encourages me in Japan.A.O., Japan

 Thanks for getting the girls together. It was great meeting you and the other ladies from the area. I tried the powder and sealer yesterday and love it. I learned so much from you guys and am so thankful. I’m so not a make-up person, but it looks like I may have t get into it a bit now with no eyebrows and eyelashes … I feel so naked.H, Baltimore, MD

 I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the get together yesterday. I learned so much about cosmetics, scarves and new products. Most of all I enjoyed the company of other women with alopecia.NE, Virginia

My wife didn’t listen to me but she listened to you … well, all I can say is that she’s a new woman since meeting you at BGDL in Florida. No matter how many times I said “you’re beautiful no matter what”; or “it doesn’t matter to me that you don’t have hair” she wasn’t buying it 100%, if you know what I mean. Since the day she came home from the lunch she’s been so much happier. There’s such a big difference. Thank you!Ed in Florida

It was great to meet you and the other women in Rhode Island on Saturday. It is a wonderful thing that you do getting all these women with alopecia together for such a positive experience. I love my “make over” and am getting the hang of the liner already.CG, Sagamore Beach, MA

… it was just terrific to meet others who have alopecia. I have a different attitude toward the whole condition and my husband noticed it immediately. I am sure I will find it easier to live with having lost my hair now that I have met others who are making the best of it. You’re an amazing woman and I hope we will meet again at another luncheon. I do not expect that I will ever be able to go without a wig or hat as you do, because I am not as sure of myself … But who knows, maybe that will change, too.DM, Miami, Florida

Brow products:“I use the brow kit from BGDL which has a long lasting powder, brush and sealer. It doesn’t come off during my aerobics class or after being on my face during massages. I’d say that’s pretty good!”S.T., Connecticut*Note: Brow kits are now available online here.

re: BGDL, “The Impromptu Evening Edition” Los AngelesIt was an amazing evening. This was the first time I have ever spoken to another person with alopecia. I came home feeling so much better about my situation. I loved your scarf folding technique and I’m already thinking of how much easier this summer will be. I also look forward to getting your eyebrow makeup. Yeah! no more eyebrows rubbing off.Janice, Huntington Beach, CA

re: BGDL, “The Impromptu Evening Edition” Los AngelesLovely evening. Thank you.AR, Los Angeles

re: BGDL, “The Impromptu Evening Edition” Los AngelesThank you so much for the other evening. I think it was very helpful to meet such amazing and outgoing women … especially for Amanda.D.A., La Crescenta, CA

Thank you for putting together the Bald Girls Lunch in Raleigh. I thoroughly enjoyed it (I sat on your right). The information was wonderful as was getting to know the other women.M.T., Raleigh, North Carolina

Bald Girls Do Lunch in Raleigh, North Carolina was a blessed event. Thea has a wealth of knowledge and a heart of gold.  It takes great strength and courage to walk boldly and confidently as a bald women in this society. Not only does Thea live her song, but she inspires women all over the world to do the same.Sandra Dubose-Gibson
Founder and president, Alopecia Community of the Triangle

Omigod … I got the wig I won in the Alopecia Style raffle from Diahna Lynn and it’s  just incredible. No words can describe how it makes me feel. My husband loves it too.So grateful in Pennsylvania

Thank you again for all your help with scarves and all the tips you shared with us. I sure enjoyed finally meeting you and I’m sure I will see you again.BC, Lancaster, PA

I’ve never been involved in another venue that is so conducive to great discussions and making friendships than BGDL. Thanks! It was a really great group! Such nice women come to the lunches and it is SO obvious that we need each other!Debbi Fuller, New Hampshire

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy using your products, very much in particular the BGDL eyebrow sealant.LH, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Boston lunchIt was a real opener for me in that I now feel that I no longer have to try so hard to conceal the fact that I wear a hair system. I know it sounds cliche but I am very much anticipating the feeling of being liberated from a clump of hair glued to my head. Thank you so much. The information was invaluable.BL, Rhode Island

Boston lunchIt was fabulous to be with everyone!MB, Braintree, MA

Boston lunchI had a great time! When can we do it again?AD, Beverly, MA

San Diego dinnerThanks for the great event. I really enjoyed myself!LH, age 22, visiting CA from Italy

re: Today ShowI think that what I enjoyed the most was the sense of pride and ease that you guys oozed. It must have been an amazing experience taking off your wig in front of the cameras, but you all did it, and you all looked beautiful and aware of your beauty. No shame, no apology, no disclaimers, nothing. bald IS beautiful, baby.non-alopecian fan, Illinois

San Diego dinnerI was greeted by an extraordinary group of beautiful, strong, loving, proud, supportive, and vibrant ladies — special people who have a bond and understand each other’s feelings. I have to say that at first I was not sure what to anticipate when I walked into the restaurant. I want to thank God for bringing you, BGDL and all the ladies I will be in contact with in the future — to give them the support that I received on making a choice to go bald. I love it!Sandra, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for all you have done for us. Thank you for being a pioneer for us women who feel so alone in the world sometimes. I went home energized and happy to have hung out with such strong, positive women. The next day I got a call from my mom telling me about this group of women who get together and do lunches. She had seen it in the paper. I was proud to say that I am a part of that group of women now. Thanks again for being a trail blazer in the world of acceptance for us gals. You’re the best and I am proud to have you in my world.Carol S., Trabuco Canyon, CA

… With your Lunch I had the pleasure of sitting down with other women who have gone down the same road and have come out on the other side. Also you gave the opportunity to learn makeup tips\local salons used by the ladies and the list goes on. It was not a pity party but a day to come together, hold our heads up high and know we are not alone and that life does go on after hair loss.You’re the one out there trying to help us women connect and learn to deal with this disease.I really believe in what you’re doing for everyone and am so glad to have met you. I’m so pleased to have met so many other ladies in my area, too.Jessica, Illinois

I really enjoyed meeting you and everyone else in Naperville. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again.Erin, Milwaukee, WI

I had a wonderful experience at the luncheon. I had never felt such fellowship. I loved the way you let us talk and feel free to just express ourselves. The time just flew. You are quite inspirational to all with this disease. I am forever grateful for meeting you and hope to see you again.Helen Marth, Riverdale, MD

Alopecia Areata is a hard topic to discuss with others because they can’t relate and don’t understand. I am so thankful I found out about BGDL. This is the most informative and healing organization I have found. THANK YOU for putting this out there! You’re a true inspiration.Krissy Solano Beltz, Maryland

… good way to meet other women that have alopecia and are dealing with a lot of the same issues and situations.Cipriana Bovill, Henderson, NV
Founder, I’m a Kid Foundation Foundation

I congratulate and commend you on founding Bald Girls Do Lunch, Inc. Your website is inspiring and well needed. Although I now help patients using medical hypnosis, my journey with alopecia began at age 14 when my father … developed the condition. When I see anyone with alopecia areata I focus on the self-esteem issues, ego-strengthening, and all the possible empowering aspects of mind-body medicine we call self-hypnosis.
I encourage anyone … to see what your organization has been doing across the country and the many resources you have made available for individuals with alopecia areata. Very impressive, commendable, and compassionate.Steven Gurgevich, PhD.,
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of the Mind-Body Clinic at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Tucson, AZ

As someone who’s new to alopecia, BGDL has played a pivitol role in my acceptance of this condition. BGDL for me has been inspiration, validating and fun. Thea is a dream host who is eloquent in welcoming the new and accommodating the pros with high energy, humor and thoughtfulness.

Hi Thea … I just wanted to check in and let you know that things are getting better every day. The BGDL, CT event was a pivotal time for me. I thank you for the important work you do but mostly, for your honest friendship. Your support has been instrumental in gaining back my ‘self.’Amy C, Massachusetts

It was great to get together with other women who are going through the same thing and share our stories, insights, and helpful suggestions for products. Thanks Thea!Matisun, Las Vegas, Nevada

hi ladies — i just wanted to leave a quick testimonial about my bald girls do lunch event tonight in san francisco. it was amazing to sit at a table in a restaurant and be surrounded by beautiful women who also happen to not have hair just like me!! there is a real comfort in being surrounded by sisters, and also a comfort in letting our hair loss slip away and just enjoying each other for who we are … amazing women! thanks thea!Emily, San Francisco, CA

I just got back from a wonderful dinner and met 5 amazing, beautiful, bold, bald women. It was a great opportunity to meet Thea Chassin, founder of baldgirlsdolunch.org and listen to these other women’s stories and be able to relate to them, and not feel like I’m alone dealing with AT … It made me hope that someday I can be that comfortable in my own skin and not be a slave to my wig, scarf or what society deems beautiful.LS, northern California

It was wonderful to meet so many other women with this situation. Thank you for the wonderful concept of BGLD and for bringing us together.JJ, New Hampshire

Nice things our makeup customers say

… The lunch sent me off with a new perspective on things. Also, I purchased my first vacuum wig and it has changed my life. I’ve come to the point that although I may not ever walk around bald in public, I’m not worried about hiding it either …LH, Pennsylvania

To the ladies at the Cheshire, CT event: I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you at the luncheon. It certainly was an enlightening experience for me. Before I met you, I didn’t personally know anyone with this disease and although most people have been supportive, it’s not the same as someone who knows exactly how I feel. My experience with the hair loss is less than a year, so I was very encouraged to see so much acceptance of alopecia in your lives. Since being with you all, I feel better about myself as a woman with no hair because I saw all of you as very beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. I am so grateful.Peggy, N. Haven, CT

I just want to share an experience I had when attending a luncheon 6 months ago … I got a chance to meet 9 other beautiful women who shared the same condition I have … Finally I got a chance to see someone of my likeness. Some women came to the function without wigs and others had wigs on, but we still shared our stories and felt a sisterhood in our likeness. I left that luncheon with the understanding of knowing: We do have options and choices of what we want to wear on our heads, be it our baldness, a wig, a headwrap or a hat … it is our choice!If you show others that you don’t have a problem with being bald when you want to be bald … You show your strength … It is up to us to show that we are the captains of our ships, who shall and will spread the Awareness of Alopecia and how we as Natural Beauties can live with it how we please! Thanks for bringing “Bald Girls Do Lunch” to Arizona and allowing those of us who met the opportunity for new friendships and sisterhood.YK, Mesa, AZ

On a crisp yet sunny Saturday afternoon in late February, along with 10 other local women with alopecia areata, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Thea Chassin, founder of the year-old “Bald Girls Do Lunch®” not-for-profit support network to her first Chicago event. We were comfortably seated around a large table at the ever-popular Maggiano’s restaurant in Oak Brook, Illinois that provided the backdrop for one Italian delicacy after another.If you haven’t heard about Bald Girls Do Lunch® yet, allow me to introduce you to an amazing cause and an equally amazing woman. Thea is one of the best advocates for women living with alopecia areata that I have ever met. Every time I communicate with her I feel inspired to go out there and spread the gospel that she preaches: Women with alopecia can empower themselves by not only learning to accept this condition but by learning how to talk openly about it to others. In Thea’s words, “We are the vehicle to help women find each other, give resources and boost resilience. Too many women are floating along feeling less than complete. Bald Girls Do Lunch® helps them get their oars back in the water and achieve greater contentment.”These lunches are an opportunity for women to choose to wear a hat, a scarf, a hairpiece, or nothing at all on their heads. The freedom to explore these options in a welcoming and understanding environment is something most people have never experienced. In fact, many have never even met another person with alopecia – and believe me, we’re out there! If it is ever possible for our obsessed-with-hair society to get more accustomed to women who choose bald some days, Thea will be one of those in the forefront breaking the ground for the rest of us.You owe it to yourself and to our collective cause to be involved and support the development of organizations like Bald Girls Do Lunch. Write to them and ask to be added to the mailing list so that the next time Thea brings her infectious optimism, energy and spirit to your area, you will immediately clear your schedule to attend a lunch. All non profits need contributions so BGDL is also accepting donations that will help create new and exciting events. The organization seeks corporate and local sponsors for a “Day of Beauty” and “Makeovers” at salons across the country patterned after the nation’s first ever Alopecia Areata Day of Beauty in New York City in 2007. Imagine spending a day meeting others with alopecia and updating your look by experts in the beauty industry. Sounds like fun to me!

Karen Peterik, Illinois, … US midwest rep for Freedom Wigs

I just wanted to let you know what a big impact the lunch in Reading, PA had on me. Really boosted my level of confidence and self-acceptance. Thanks to Annette, I’ve been busy trying out new looks with hats and scarves. My co-workers are getting used to not knowing what to expect! Thank you so much for organizing the lunches and getting all that info out onto the internet thru the website. Looking forward to seeing you and all the other “Bald Girls” again.MF, Lincoln University, PA

I wanted to let you know how much fun I had! I’ve had alopecia areata for 14 years and had never been to any kind of alopecia meeting group. It was just so nice to find out there are other people out there just like me. The stories all hit home with me in one way or another, and it’s so funny that many of us even live so close to one another!Daria, Baltimore, MD

I think this is great! Thanks so much, Thea, for organizing this. I had a blast talking to everyone and listening to everyone’s story. Can’t wait to do it again.Sonya S., Takoma Park, MD

Thank you so much for putting on the lunch in Novi, Michigan. It was so much fun spending time with fellow alopecians like myself. The only problem was it went by way too fast! Thanks for the contacts … I would like to try and keep in touch with all the girls I met.LK, Grayling, MI

Re: Alopecia Areata Day of Beauty, New York City, October 2007What a great day! I decided to go to the Day of Beauty to support BGDL and to talk to the consultants, but the day was so much more than that. Everyone there from the hairstylists to the photographers really went out of their way to make us feel beautiful. I had such a wonderful time meeting all the other women in an environment that was safe, comfortable, fun and totally focused on us!ML, Upper Saddle River, NJ

I had the chance to go to Bald Girls Do Lunch on Saturday, November 17th in Salt Lake City. It was so awesome! I had planned for a long time that when Thea Chassin came I would go into a public place for the first time with my head bare. I was really nervous at home and doubting if I really wanted to go. My husband couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just go with a scarf on but I had decided that I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to not be alone when I did it.It was about an hour drive and I was still worried at first. It was a bit cold so I had a warm beanie on in the car. Then I called my sister-in-law and she reminded me about how not too long ago women were discouraged from going out in public when they were pregnant! (48 years ago my mom got fired from her teaching job because she became pregnant … and the principal didn’t feel it was appropriate for her to show her pregnancy off to little children.)… That gave me courage to think that I really do want things to change in society and want it to be acceptable for me to go out in public just as I am if I want to. So, I took off my hat, turned on some music to get me going (like I normally would to get psyched up before I go play a soccer game :-)) and I just decided that even if I didn’t feel it, I was going to ACT confident. And, the more I “acted” the more I actually did “feel” confident. I walked through an entire outdoor mall to the restaurant and I walked straight and tall like I was the sexiest woman alive (ha-ha) and was greeted by Thea with a big, warm hug. It was so awesome! I think it was good for every one of us there.One thing that I really liked about Thea is that you felt absolutely no judgmental-ness from her. She was so encouraging. She is all about people feeling comfortable and happy with who they are. I like that she is so strong and content to go bare or to wear a wig if she feels like it. She put one on as she left the lunch to go to the airport. She says she never wears them in the summer because she’s hot and she wants to be comfortable. She is cold in the winter so she wears wigs or scarves or whatever she feels like. She just really exuded nurturance and acceptance.4 of us were bare, 1 had a scarf, 4 had wigs on, and 1 lady still has enough hair to cover her spots. It was really a neat experience. We talked for about 3 hours. We had a TV news team come and we were later on the news that night. We stood up to say a spot for the news and the whole restaurant clapped for us. It was a real confidence boost and hopefully I was able to be a good example to some of the others. One of the women had tears in her eyes through out the entire time. She was really grieving. But she said, “I’ve needed this for 10 years.” I’m so glad she came! Thea is really helping a lot of people with what she is doing!

Anyway, it was a really good thing for me. It helped me to put things into perspective again. I still hope that my hair grows back. I liked my hair and I miss it. But I want to be happy as I am today. And most days I am! My doctor is always reminding me, “it’s not what you have, it’s what you appreciate.”

Shannon C., Riverdale, UT

I had a great time and felt at ease. Can’t wait for the next luncheon.
Candida K., Michigan

The Bald Girls Do Lunch Day of Beauty event in NYC was extremely well organized and a perfect venue for women with AA to meet and chat in a friendly, fun environment. It was much more fun than just having a “meeting”. I think it’s a great idea and a wonderful addition to the things that are already available to us.Debbi Fuller, Langdon, NH
US northeast rep. for Freedom Wigs

I attended a small Bald Girls Do Lunch in Salt Lake City and it is a memory I have relived many times since August. I had the privilege of meeting and eating with other strong, beautiful, bald women; it was so emotionally energizing for me. Alopecia isn’t new to my family. I have a brother and male cousin who have both been diagnosed, but it was incredible to meet and talk with other women who understood me, not just bald me, but me. The fact that Thea has chosen to dedicate her life to education and morale building of women like me is such a testimonial to the strength and empowerment that can come from unexpected and potentially emotionally devastating conditions such as this. The networking, product gossip and jokes were great and I left on a high that I don’t expect to match until we eat bald again! Thank you, Thea for helping my community. Bald Girls Rock!!!!!Jennifer Izatt, West Bountiful, UT

I attended the AA Day of Beauty in New York City and felt at home amongst my own.B. Hall, Middletown, NY

Hi Thea,
“Support, understanding, and practical advice”, what a difference from feeling all alone, confused and angry. Your efforts have meant so much to women like my daughter. It is no accident that she has a full and healthy life today as opposed to a self destructive lifestyle that people choose when they do feel all alone and angry. It has not been easy for her, but we have tried to be there for her from the beginning; and I know from talking to her that she has been helped by your efforts.
A grateful father, Phil O., Westchester, NY

I want to thank you for coming to Scottsdale and for your inspiration to our group. I’m sure you hear this from many of the women you meet, but I have such a passion and appreciation for what you are doing! It seems to me that we are a bit of a lost segment in society. Because it is so hard for women to come to terms with this disease, for the most part we walk around not knowing anyone else who is dealing with our same issues. Our lunch together was so refreshing in that way for me personally! I felt like I shared myself for the first time and I have had AA for nearly 20 years!JN, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you so much for the wonderful and informative luncheon. I really enjoyed it. Hope we see you again soon. Thanks for all you do!”Gail King, La Crescenta, CA

“Thea Chassin is a visionary. She created and developed Bald Girls Do Lunch, which is much more than those stricken with alopecia eating a meal; she created an arena where women with alopecia can come together and find freedom in the midst of their frustration. Thea knew this direction would be the mental antidote to us who needed ‘medication’ – this ‘medication’ is sharing ourselves with others like us so our lives become enriched afterwards. God bless you, Thea, and Bald Girls Do Lunch.”Joyce Abate, Fairfield County, CT

Dear Thea,
I recently came across your article in the Salt Lake Tribune, and cried! I couldn’t have been more happier when I realized there are women out there with the same condition I have. I am 22 years old and am currently going to Utah State University, studying Health and Physical Education. I was diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 6. My hair started to fall out when I was in the first grade.
Through it all, I have been a changed person inside and out. As I look back on it, I wouldn’t give any of it back. It has taught me so much about myself and what to look for in others. Just like the many others who have Alopecia it was hard especially going through elementary school being teased and made fun of, but as time went on I accepted what I had. I made it a part of who I am. I was comfortable enough as a Senior to play my last volleyball state tournament wig free in front of hundreds of people. I want to help others accept what we have and be a part of this organization. Please let me know what I can do to help! Yours truly,Kristin McNeil, Utah State University, class of 2008

“My baldness from alopecia areata started this year at the underside, back of my head. I can hide it pretty well for now, so long as no one lifts my hair up. But, it’s progressing and who knows how long till a lot more is gone.I decided to attend the Bald Girls Lunch in Pasadena and am I ever glad I did! It’s one thing to hear of people going through similar circumstances in which case you still feel pretty alone. It’s totally another thing where you actually meet these people and it really changes your outlook and perspective. It was a comfort meeting them all. My situation feels so much more tolerable since I’ve met such active, vibrant and positive women who are going through the same thing. I haven’t lost all of my hair, but I know that if I do I will have a lot of wonderful resources through these women. Thank you for a lovely lunch and great support!”Shelly O’Brien, Alta Loma, CA

Dear Thea,I read about you in the San Jose Mercury News and I wanted to write you and tell you what an inspiration you are to all of us who deal with Alopecia. I must admit in the beginning it was hard to deal with my hair coming out in wads and not “recognizing” the person staring back at me in the mirror. It may sound funny but I went through a “mini mourning period” when my hair started coming out in handfuls. It was like a part of me was gone and a part of me was scared because I couldn’t control the situation. I now can look in the mirror and be okay with the woman looking back at me. I’m happy to say that my hubby noticed recently I have baby fine hair growing back. I’m not going to get too excited over it; if I’ve learned nothing else about AA I have learned to take it one day at a time and whatever will be will be.Lori S, northern CA

I’m blessed that I found out about your organization. I think the support you are offering everyone is great.Mary Ecker, Long Beach, CA

“Do you all know about this event on Oct. 7? It’s a whole day dedicated to looking and feeling great—with advice from professional wig makers, hair stylists, make-up artists, and more. It’s all the beauty tips we need, all in one place and all just for us!The organizer, Thea Chassin, has been a great resource for me. I met her via NAAF. She has AU and has been a friend and emotional support to a lot of AA women through her Westchester group. Among other things, she started a tradition of AA women gathering over lunch—with or without wigs—to share stories, swap tips, and have fun. I did a small lunch with her and it was very empowering.Thea’s also a real go-getter who has done research to find the best resources for women—like soft, natural wigs, gentle make-up, etc. And now she’s launching a new organization that is specially focused on the needs of women with AA, Bald Girls Do Lunch.The Oct. 7 event is an awareness-raiser and fundraiser for Bald Girls Do Lunch. I’m really excited to attend, as you can probably tell.”

LM, New York City, NY

“The Bald Girls Lunches have been great. I love attending. They’re a wonderful experience for any woman with alopecia areata. As a young woman dealing with this condition, I know how difficult the everyday ups and downs can be. Sharing a few hours talking, laughing, and having fun with other women like me has really helped! I highly recommend a Bald Girls Lunch!”ML, age 29, Upper Saddle River, NJ

“At last I had someone to talk to who really understood my alopecia areata. Lunch was fun, interesting, and enlighting. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to make new friends and discover more about alopecia areata. Just do it!”Laura Moore, Leonia, NJ

“Meeting these wonderful everyday women — career women to students, to housewives to grandmothers encouraged me not to suffer in the sweltering heat anymore — I bare my head proudly to the sunrays! Now it matches my overall body tan. Seriously, come join us and feel the the sisterhood of knowing you are not alone and it is Okay to be Bald. Learn that there is a life wigged or un-wigged.”Karen C-F, Wappingers Falls, NY

“I’ve been to several lunches in NY and they are wonderful. It’s great to be with other women with the same condition as myself. I highly suggest attending … you’ll have a great time.”Rosemarie S., Dover Plains, NY

“It came as a bit of a shock when my doctor advised me to discontinue steroid injections because they were no longer effective for my bald patches. I sought out help and found Thea Chassin who was very supportive and even invited me to go along with her to a wig maker a few days later. Then it hit me. A wig maker! I was going to have to wear a wig. Well, I was devastated.We made arrangements to meet for the excursion. I will never forget the moment Thea drove up and rolled down her window looking perfectly pretty and happy. Could it be? Happy and wearing a wig? In that single moment I knew that I would be alright. Just seeing her smile and looking so comfortable with herself made me know that I would be able to get through it. I will be forever thankful that I met Thea. And by the way, since then we have met for lunch without wigs and were both told how great we looked!”LP, Westchester County, NY


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